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Poradíme Vám při výběru zaměstnání

Popíšeme Vám detailně náplně práce a poskytneme Vám vlastní zkušenosti s danou pozicí

Vybereme Vám vhodné zaměstnavatele

Známe dobře naše klienty, jejich manažery a situaci na HEALTHCARE trhu

Poradíme Vám při výběru zaměstnání

We will present the job description in detail and provide you with our own experience with the given position


Our most valuable license is Promercatory's 12 years of successful operation in the market of personnel and employment agencies and 20 years of experience of our consultants in the field of HEALTHCARE. Our most beautiful award is the mutual satisfaction of our candidates and their new employers.

Promercatory, Ltd. performs on the basis of a permit granted by the Labor Office of the Czech Republic in accordance with Act No. 435/2004 Coll. and Act. No. 73/2011 Coll. Licenses:

  • Executive Search License: PMSV-UP/4197/15/ÚPČR/1
  • Agency Employment License: UPCR-2020/37532/14


In 2015 year, our company was nominated for the Czech Goodwill award. . Thank you to everyone who supported us with their votes in the strong competition of famous companies and helped us win a beautiful position No. 7.

In 2015, our company received a certificate “Verified company” granted by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic.